Each day, you’re presented with countless choices.

These choices impact your immediate happiness and could influence the course of your entire life.

In some ways, you’re confident. You’ve done so much right to get where you are today, after all. But below the surface, you’re just not sure. Maybe you feel unfocused, depressed, anxious, or just plain paralyzed.

Your inner world is a tangle of hopes and worries and fears you just can’t speak out loud.

Maybe you’re just moving into adulthood.

You feel like you have a small, precious window to figure it all out – how to achieve in school, how to land that perfect job, who to love, and who to rely on for support.

That’s the thing about this time of your life, these years between preparing to leave your parents’ house and settling into the life you’ve created…  As you try to establish yourself and get comfortable with the life you’re creating for yourself, it feels like there’s so much on the line. And there is – but it might not be what you think.

Perhaps you’re more established and you’re dealing with the results of choices made by a younger you.

You’ve been trying to “do it all” for as long as you can remember, but in the push to do it all perfectly, you’ve lost a lot of yourself along the way. This is the time to look at your relationships, your decisions, and your overall quality of life so you can reconnect with your own sense of hope and purpose.

Therapy helps you resolve the conflicts and build the self-trust and self-knowledge that supports you now and in the future you’re working so hard to craft for yourself.

You discover how events and relationships from the past are shaping what you do today. You learn how to deal with current challenges by building a set of skills and approaches that will help you as you take the next steps in life.

Hi, I’m Dr. Escott and I’d like to help you sort out your relationships and internal conflicts in order to achieve a more fulfilling life for yourself.

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