Emerging Adults

Your twenties are so exciting – and so confusing.

All at once, life is so full of potential, panic, and even pain.

Therapy for Emerging Adults

There’s so much changing in your life right now, and your attention and energy are being pulled in so many different directions. And yet, even as things seem to be in a state of constant movement, you’re also supposed to be laying the foundations for the rest of your life.

Over time, your relationships and your occupation and your priorities will shift and you’ll likely find some stability. That doesn’t mean that the judgement calls you make now are unimportant. Instead, you are invited to see that learning how to resolve your current conflicts and cope with your current stresses will prepare you for a lifetime of tough choices.

With all that’s going on for you and all that you’re trying to figure out, this is the perfect time to develop a relationship with a therapist you can trust.

Individual therapy is at the heart of our treatment together. Within this context, you will be able to privately explore what truly pains you while learning coping strategies to get you through your daily struggles. The process of therapy can highlight positive changes in how you think, feel, and interact, breaking into the vicious cycles which thwart your underlying potential. In this way you will be equipped to take better control of your life and reach your goals.

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