jessica escott emerging adults

So often, it has just felt like a long, endless race.

Establish your career. Find a relationship that lasts. Create a home. Start your family.

It hasn’t always been easy – often it’s been unbelievably stressful – but you’ve done it all.

But, now, you’re waking up each day to the life you’ve created, and it doesn’t feel anything like what you expected.

You’ve been so focused on balancing everything, on taking care of everyone, on making sure it all looks ok on the outside. In the process, you’ve completely forgotten to tend to how you feel on the inside.

It’s time to slow down and: How can I fully inhabit and enjoy this life I’ve created for myself? How can I make yourself a priority for a change? (Because, even though you may forget sometime, the truth is that when you devote time and energy to tuning in and caring for yourself, everyone you love and care for benefits.)

Therapy can help you look clearly at your current situation, understand your past, and see how you got to where you are now. With help, you can make empowered, conscious decisions about how you want to live each new phase of your life.